#SENSEX #NIFTY #Stocks – an Update 21st Oct, 2016

Hi Friends,

I am sure followers did invest in the Indian markets and used opportunities to buy quality stocks for long term perspective. I am as I said bullish on Indian markets for atleast next 3 years. I thank all the new subscribers to my blog. Thanks for the enormous love and faith in me.

Update on Prev recos:
Indsil Hydro @ 39 – cmp 39.50 – exit

diwali 2015 pick (to be held atleast a year):
PNB gilts @ 26 – cmp 30 (can think of exiting here or after diwali or continue to hold. (the company just gave 11% dividend (tax free) and is also around 15% up from entry @ 26 and lower entry for new pickers, hence take a call here)

I hope people who followed did churn some nice profits. Don’t forget to make donations as much as you could periodically.

That’s it for now folks.

For any queries feel free to contact me :
Call me: +91-9941724888 Email here: wizajitmc@gmail.com

Read disclaimer.


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