$GBPUSD – The BPL strategy!

Hey friends,

The other day I talked about the BPL (Belly Push Long) strategy in the $GBPUSD here. The following image shows the BPL’s correctness three times. I am sure you will be amazed to check that out for yourself. Have a look below.


$GBPUSD - BPL strategy

Note the instances presented three times at the closing candles in 4Hrs charting, as seen in the image viz. at Dec 15th 1600 hrs, Dec 16th 1600 hrs and at Dec 19th 0400 hrs candle for going “Long” (Highlighted by Blue Vertical Lines). I was just amazed to look the BPL do its spin yet another time and every time presenting cool 40-50 pips.

Do let me know what you think of the BPL strategy and if it worked for you. I’ll be happy to know your suggestions as well. Thank you.

PS: Don’t forget to do your part of charity if this strategy works for you. No conditions apply! 😉


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