$$ The Dec 7th call – Short $GC_F $SI_F on Dec 09/11

Hey friends,

There was a call I gave some days back on Dec 7th, 2011 about the market regards to Precious Metals, esp. Gold($GC_F) and Silver($SI_F). Have a look below at the charts:


$GC_F futures

$GC_F, Gold Daily Chart

$SI_F futures

$SI_F, Silver Daily Chart

As you can see in the above charts there are couple of elements. The Green horizontal line shows the “Support Zone” kinda and the Blue vertical line shows the Dec 7th date, when the call was made. And Dec 09/11 is the line shown in red.

As you can see that $GC_F and $SI_F were growing since Dec 6th and Dec 7th, yet I made a call for Dec 9/11 that $GC_F and $SI_F mostly should plummet and that happened to my amazement. I was amazed to see that the math involved did its work.

It was either my good luck on the call to go right or may be, the math I did, some one else more powerful than me in moving the market was doing the same, fortunately!

I was out the entire weekend, and these two trades in $GC_F and $SI_F alone helped me to set up a great fortune to charity, enough for an entire months target, but charity to me is never enough. I wish I could do as much as I could and for as long as I can. It gives a different happiness to me.

This post is not to boast of my successful calls, but just an outlook on how weird things work with markets. The things that seem of less priority and less importance, turns out to be great winners. Many of us may feel many times that market should move this way or that way, but we fear to take up that trade. And trust me, sometimes its good to be back and relaxed and sometimes its worth the risk. Never think of any other thing when you wish to take up something. Be prepared and relaxed. If you aren’t enjoy the play outside the market. That’s what keeps me going and that’s what I love doing.

I welcome you all to do share of your similar experiences and opinions. Thanks.

PS: Don’t forget to do your part of charity if things work for you. As always, No conditions apply! 😉


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