Trading – most natural way.

Hey Friends,

I have always heard my dad say that most of the things in this world are available for free. We pay only when we feel the time is short for us to invest in developing new ideas.

After about 5 years now, I understand why he meant so. I always have seen people speak of some magic Pandora box strategies and that some people have earned some million bucks in overnight, but they are selling for just some hundred bucks. How foolishly, but amazing, isn’t it?

My strategies mostly work with prices. I often see them coming and try to see what seems like, and take decisions. I am partial scalper, partial mid-term guy, partial long-term guy. It always depends on the risk we are taking, time we are investing and in returns what we are expecting.

So friends, I hope you enjoy my work and do drop in your feedback if anything interests your interesting mind. Till the, trade safe.good luck. God Bless, ciao.

PS: Do try and invest in charity as much as u can, it’s a joy. No conditions apply. 😉


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