Trading strategy for $ES_F ES mini SP 500 futures

Hey friends,

The ES mini SP 500 futures ($ES_F) are great tools as investments. They offer good liquidity and also are not much risky for intra-day trade. Each of $ES_F futures are valued at $50 per one point of move. Look at the following image.

$ES_F futures

Divergence and Belly push strategy!

This is a very beautiful strategy, where one indication allows us with enormous opportunities to enjoy the belly push. And as I explain, you will know why I call this strategy as “Belly Push!”. Have you ever wondered what happens when some one sleeps facing downwards. And with huge belly facing downwards, any thing spirals down whence hits belly.

As seen in the image, you may need the following:

1. 240 min chart.

2. RSI(7,Close)/RSI(14,Close)

3. Some lines to draw.

Now, as seen in the image, we note the divergence. Draw a horizontal line as shown to the RSI. This horizontal line as shown, is the belly thing explained as above. Note, the RSI touching the horizontal line, and also see the price action. Every time the RSI touches the horizontal line, the belly spirals the price down. The spiral action is shown with the help of vertical lines. Every spiral action had helped us gain cool 15 points.


I use the 24o min action plan strategy always when I want to look at the broader picture. Its good to have a note of long term, when you want to intra day trade.

I hope you liked this strategy and I also wish this comes to greater positive use to you. Do drop in your feed back on what you think, and what I have missed to look. Till then, trade safe. Good Luck. God Bless. Ciao.

PS: Don’t forget to do your part of charity if this strategy works for you. No conditions apply! 😉


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